Amazon Q: Amazon’s artificial intelligence chatbot for businesses

Amazon Q: Amazon’s artificial intelligence chatbot for businesses

A new AI chatbot called Amazon Q has been launched by Amazon for enterprise use. This service connects to the console of AWS, Amazon’s cloud service, and allows users to perform related administrative tasks such as creating and managing instances, setting up networks and policies, and monitoring application performance.

Amazon Q is based on the same AI technology used by other Amazon products, such as Alexa and Rekognition. The chatbot has been trained with a large data set of text and code, giving it the ability to understand and respond to a variety of queries. For example, it can assist users in searching for information about products and services or solving technical problems.

Amazon Q is a tool that can benefit businesses by increasing their productivity and efficiency. The chatbot can automate tasks that are normally done manually, which saves employees time to focus on more strategic tasks. In addition, it can help businesses save money by reducing the need to hire IT experts to perform administrative tasks.

Amazon Q is currently available on a free trial basis. The commercial version of the service will be launched in January 2024.

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