Angry Birds clone created using AI without typing code

Angry Birds clone created using AI without typing code

At a time of unprecedented technological evolution, new generative AI tools are redefining what is possible in the creative and software development fields. Thus, projects such as “Angry Pumpkins”, a video game developed in a few days by the Spaniard Javier López without typing a single line of code and without resorting to prompts to create the images, are emerging.

López -founder and ex-CEO of Erasmusu, and a reference on Twitter when it comes to information about this kind of AIs- only had to resort to the programming capabilities of GPT-4 and the graphic power of Midjourney and DALL-E 3 to create his video game.

Creating graphics with AI

The graphic design, consisting of backgrounds, characters and objects, was crafted using specific prompts in Midjourney and DALL-E 3. From the title screen to the character sprites, each element was carefully generated by the AI from detailed prompts. Afterwards, some details of the images were trimmed and edited to achieve their final form.

GPT-4-assisted programming

The programming, although more complex, showed the true potential of GPT-4. Not a single line of code was written manually, but artificial intelligence was used to iteratively generate and improve the approximately 600 lines of the source code.

“As of today, we are not yet at a point where with just a prompt, GPT-4 will generate the entire game all at once,” explains Lopez – although he is also convinced that “in the future we will be able to create triple AAA video games just by asking for it” – but there is a trick to approaching software creation with GPT4: “asking for things iteratively.”

“Actually, very much like how a person would program: starting with a simple functional base and iterating, extending and improving the code from there.”

In short, “Angry Pumpkins” is not just a game; some would say it is an example of a paradigm shift. Javier Lopez puts it in other words:

“I sincerely believe that we are living a historical moment that we had only seen so far in science fiction movies.
These new work processes, in which we can create anything using only natural language, are going to change the world as we know it.
It’s a tsunami of such magnitude that those who don’t know how to see it are going to be tremendously impacted.

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