Clippy is back

Clippy is back

If you are a user of Microsoft products, you will surely remember Clippy, a somewhat annoying clip that came as an assistant in different versions of the office products of the company based in Redmond, in the U.S. state of Washington.

According to what has transpired in the last few hours, a version of this assistant has now been enhanced with artificial intelligence, thanks to an independent development of the open source application carried out by Fire Cube. This new version can be downloaded for free for installation from the Windows Store and if you like to review code, you can also find its source code on its GitHub page.

It is important to note that beyond the name and design of Clippy, it is a completely different application, among its features we find the use of the same engine as ChatGPT and easy access from the Windows desktop, being quite similar to the one being prepared by the tech giant with Copilot AI for Windows 11.

So far the good news, because there is a negative one that will undoubtedly tarnish the previous ones, Clippy AI will require access to the ChatGPT API, so to use it you Will have to pay for it.

Undoubtedly, this application is nostalgic for the users of yesteryear, so it will be up to each one to choose whether to pay for it or not.

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