Critical alert for parents, if your child uses iPhone, take urgent action

Critical alert for parents, if your child uses iPhone, take urgent action

The privacy of our personal data is a growing challenge in today’s digital age. We are exposed to multiple risks through the use of social networks, smartphones, mobile applications and data leaks. This affects us all, but especially younger people, who can be victims of abuse or deception.

That is why the police have alerted parents who use iPhones, asking them to disable the NameDrop function.

Police advise parents to disable new iphone feature

Apple has released many new features with iOS 17, the operating system that accompanies the iPhone 15. One of them is the NameDrop feature, a new and quick way to share contact information. This feature, which was enabled with the iOS 17.1 update, allows you to share your data by bringing your iPhone or Apple Watch close to someone else’s Apple device. However, this feature has its risks and can cause problems.

The U.S. police department, concerned about the safety of young users, warned parents that “others can easily access your child’s contact information.” To prevent possible dangerous situations, they recommended disabling the NameDrop feature. Here are the steps to disable the NameDrop feature:

  • Open Settings to disable the “NameDrop” feature.
  • Select the General option.
  • Enter AirDrop.
  • Turn off the “NameDrop” feature by turning off the button under the Merge Devices heading.

Apple has not made any official comment on the matter. However, some details such as the fact that the lock screen has to be active for the feature to be used may indicate that Apple has security in mind.

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