First Telegram update in 2024

First Telegram update in 2024

This new Telegram update includes changes such as redesigned calls that consume less battery, a new message deletion effect in the style of Thanos’ snap and the biggest update of its bots to date.

What’s new in this update

First, the latest update of Telegram for Android completely redesigns the calls within the app with a new interface that stands out for having new animations and colorful wallpapers that change automatically depending on the status of the call: ringing, active or completed and also consumes fewer resources than before, which results in greater battery savings and better performance in older terminals.

But that’s not all, because Telegram also confirms that it has corrected hundreds of errors and bugs in the interface of its calls and video calls and has improved their quality.

The second great new feature included in this new Telegram update is a cool animation that is already available in both the iOS and Android apps, which simulates the fading effect of Thanos’ snap when you delete any type of message within the application.

Finally, this new version also incorporates the biggest update of the Telegram bots platform so far, as now Telegram bots release more than a dozen new features, thanks to which they can now react to messages, manage reactions, quotes and links and send replies to other chats or topics, among other options.

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