Google añade IA para generar temas en Chrome

Google añade IA para generar temas en Chrome

On the heels of ChatGPT’s competition, Google is not holding back on merging AI into its products and services. In an interesting development, just after the launch of ChatGPT 4 competitor Gemini, Google is set to introduce a new feature for Google Chrome that will allow users to create custom browser themes using generative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Steps to “Create a theme with AI”.

The feature allows users to select themed themes, such as landscapes, food or something else, and then the user must adjust the theme with style, mood and color options. It’s a major step in browser customization and promises to elevate the browsing experience to new heights.

These Google Chrome changes demonstrate the growing role of AI in digital life. By harnessing the power of generative AI, Google Chrome not only enhances the user experience, but also shows the potential of AI to create a unique and personalized digital aesthetic. Currently, we are unable to use this feature, as it is part of Canary Build.

The feature is currently available in the Canary build and will be moved to the Beta build before being implemented in the stable release. In reality, it may be a few months before the general public can experience this innovative feature. Another such feature, “Help me type,” is in the works and will soon be part of the stable version of Google Chrome.

Google continues to deliver new features and various bug fixes for Google Chrome. Recently, the browser received the ability to view memory consumption for each tab. The new WebGPU in Chrome improves Chrome’s performance, security and artificial intelligence. For the Android version, a major scrolling issue is being fixed, and Android 14 users can enjoy the new experience. Several other changes are part of the regular updates to the Google Chrome browser that you can check here in detail.

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