iOS 17.3, a thief’s worst nightmare

iOS 17.3, a thief’s worst nightmare

Apple recently released the iOS 17.2 update . In addition to new features such as the Daily app, the new version also brought numerous improvements. As always, the company has already started working on the next version after this process. In fact, today they released the first developer beta version of iOS 17.3. Naturally, with this development some new features have emerged. The most notable of these features is “stolen device protection”, which protects your stolen device. Here are the details about the iOS 17.3 update….

No thief would dare to steal your iPhone after the iOS 17.3 update.

Smartphone prices are increasing day by day. In today’s world, the prices of these devices, which encompass various advanced technologies, easily exceed $1,000. That’s why our phones, which are valuable even as spare parts, are often targeted by thieves. What’s more, I won’t even mention the personal information they contain. Everything from financial management to our precious memories is stored on these devices.

The upcoming iOS 17.3 update is aware of this situation and provides a solution.

In fact, iOS already offers a “Lost Mode” for stolen devices. However, in some cases, the information obtained makes it possible to bypass this mode. For example, fraudsters can take advantage of users’ immediate enthusiasm through simple methods such as impersonating the police and saying, “We found your stolen device, let’s verify your password.” This allows them to reset the phone. Fortunately, “stolen device protection” will prevent this situation.

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