Last week of the year and we bring you 6 free games to download from Steam.

Last week of the year and we bring you 6 free games to download from Steam.

As is becoming usual in the various video game stores on the Internet, on holidays there are several titles that are given away in free to play mode forever. Precisely today we bring you the 6 that are being given away on Valve’s platform.

The Finals

It’s the world’s best free-to-play combat show. Participants enter our virtual world to compete in team tournaments of increasing difficulty. They face off in arenas based on real locations that they can modify, exploit and even destroy.

Build Master: MarsVille

It is a strategy and city building game that invites you to create your Martian colony with your engineering genius and construction skills. Form alliances, trade resources and conquer rival colonies.


In this action/first-person shooter (FPS) game, you will be immersed in a captivating world where robots have taken control of a factory. Embark on an epic adventure filled with a unique hook mechanic that will give you the freedom to explore and eliminate in eye-catching ways.


Taking inspiration from legendary titles such as Quake and Halo, and enriched with modern enhancements, this first-person shooter immerses you in a relentless battle against the vampire lord Balthazar in a land stained with blood.

Duels of Fortune

Play as superhumans, skeleton knights, aliens and even stick figures! Face off against dangerous enemies, take part in exciting single player modes, throw your opponents into the sun and much more!

Knight’s Path: The Tournament

Knight’s Path: The Tournament is a short (2-3 hours long) medieval RPG featuring challenging combat, an immersive progression system and a small but enjoyable story. It serves as both an announcement and a teaser for the upcoming open-world RPG Knight’s Path, which is currently in active development.

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