Microsoft evaluates changing how we use windows

Microsoft evaluates changing how we use windows

Since the first version of Microsoft’s operating system was released, there has always been something in common, the use of the system installed locally on the PC we are using, but this may change.

While this is not something new, Microsoft had already made the leap, at least from the commercial side, with its Windows 365, they are considering the gradual insertion in the private sector, as seen in documents of the current legal dispute that is taking place in different courts for the acquisition of Activision, which shows that the long-term goal is the migration of Windows 11 to the cloud to take advantage of its power and also allow the use of different services driven by artificial intelligence.


Windows 365 is Microsoft’s new virtual desktop cloud service. Microsoft introduced the new Windows 365 Cloud PC on August 2, 2021 at the Microsoft Inspire international partner conference. Since then, companies can use the Windows operating system as Software as a Service (SaaS) entirely from the cloud. Windows thus meets the demand for hybrid working models and flexible access to the Windows operating system. Windows 365 is based on the Azure virtual desktop and allows users to access Windows from their preferred devices. Stored data, settings and Windows apps are stored in the Azure cloud, which can be accessed from PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Initially, Cloud PC was aimed at gamers, but eventually, with its new plan for Windows 365, Windows has focused on the needs of businesses that want their workers to be able to easily access the work desktop. As a virtual desktop service, Windows 365 is a key part of the new Microsoft 365 productivity cloud, which provides different Microsoft cloud services for hybrid user and work models.


Undoubtedly one of the main advantages offered by this version of Windows is that it will allow it to be run from any device regardless of whether it has the little apple, the android robot or the Linux penguin.

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