New browser for Windows and it’s Samsung Internet

New browser for Windows and it’s Samsung Internet

Samsung has their own internet browser built into all Galaxy smartphones. With the sheer number of devices they sell, you would think they would have a large browser market share. However, a report from Statcounter shows that Samsung Internet only has about 3% of the market share.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Market Share

To improve this, the brand is planning a change, launching a PC version of the browser for Windows computers, available from the Microsoft Store.

Samsung Internet on Windows is interesting because it can make it easier to use across multiple devices. You can sync your browsing data, such as history, bookmarks and open tabs, between your phone and PC. This helps solve a problem that previously discouraged many from using Samsung Internet on their phones.

At this time, the Windows version of Samsung Internet is still new. You can sign in with your Samsung account, but syncing is a bit limited. Important things like syncing passwords are missing for now.

Samsung Internet on Windows has some features from its Android version, such as an ad blocker and anti-tracking. But if you’re used to the Android version, you may miss some features, such as the translation tool for foreign languages.

The good thing is that Samsung Internet for Windows allows you to add extensions from the Chrome Web Store. This means you can customize your browsing experience. Still, the Windows version is more basic compared to Android.

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