Possible Windows 12 release date leaked

Possible Windows 12 release date leaked

In recent days rumors about the possible release date of Windows 12 have begun to flood social networks and major technology sites on the planet, but today these rumors began to cease to be rumors to become something certain, the well-known American company Intel has just confirmed that next 2024 will be the year to say hello to the new version of the operating system.

Thus, the chip maker has put on the table the date on which the expected Microsoft operating system will arrive. Presumably it will be called Windows 12, although it is something that has not really been confirmed in any aspect.

Be that as it may, let’s take a look at how the leak went and why it’s a point we have to feel pretty happy about since the future Windows 12 looks really good if we take into account what has been leaked so far.

Intel has confirmed at an analyst conference that Windows is going to be renewed in the year 2024, although they have not gone into great detail about what this means. In any case, everything points to the arrival of Windows 12. As pointed out by Windows Latest, this is something that in some way was already expected, but seeing it made official by one of the Windows collaborators is very striking.

Windows 12 (if it is finally called that) is expected to introduce major design improvements, including a fully cloud-based version that can allow users with less powerful computers to run it smoothly. The idea is that it will not replace the traditional operating system, but will be aimed more at other more experimental markets.

In any case, this type of use makes it interesting to take into account the path and the gigantic investment that Microsoft is carrying out with its cloud services. Although it is not aimed at general use, which would probably be impossible due to its very high consumption, it is clear that there is an increasingly global approach in this regard in all its services. The best example is Xbox Gamepass Ultimate, which allows us to play in the cloud on any device, including those with Android and iOS. It seems that web first is going to be the trend to follow in the coming years.

The keys to all this are as follows:

  • In a totally roundabout way, Intel has confirmed that there is a new version of Windows to be called Windows 12.
  • It has also indicated the release date, specifically the year 2024.
  • Furthermore, it seems that it will be an even better version of Windows 11, web-centric and will surely place a huge emphasis on its cloud systems and web technologies.
  • An even greater investment is expected in Microsoft Edge, which is already having great success anyway as it is considered one of the best browsers in Windows 11.

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