Spotube: the free alternative to Spotify y YouTube Music

Spotube: the free alternative to Spotify y YouTube Music

This amazing application that is available for several operating systems combines the best of Spotify and YouTube Music and leaves out advertising, without the need for premium subscriptions.

Its name is Spotube: a streaming music client that uses both the Spotify API (as a database of our playlists, our favorite songs and albums, etc.) and the YouTube API (as a source of audio playback).

Thanks to that we can consult (and interact with) our music collection in Spotify, but accessing it for free and without interruptions. And, in addition, we can do it from multiple platforms: Android, Windows, Linux and macOS.

How to use it?

The best thing about this app is not only that it has no advertising, but it is also very easy to use:

  1. Install
  2. Open
  3. Log in to your Spotify account from the Spotube app.
  4. Start listening to music.


  • Customizable home feed and Material You interface on Android devices.
  • Ad-free: Thanks to the use of public APIs from Spotify and YouTube, Spotube gives you a music experience without annoying ads.
  • Downloadable: You have the option to download your favorite tracks for offline listening.
  • Cross-platform support: Spotube is available on Windows, Linux, macOS and Android devices.
  • Low data consumption: Uses less data compared to other similar apps.
  • Synchronized lyrics: Enjoy your song lyrics synchronized in real time.
  • No data collection: Spotube respects your privacy and does not collect personal user information.
  • Native performance: The application offers fast and efficient performance.
  • Open source: Spotube is open source software, which means that its source code is available for review and modification on GitHub.
  • Local playback control: Playback is controlled locally rather than on a remote server.
  • Alternative sources function: If a song is not what we expected, we can enter this option to find something better.
  • Already available in the official app stores.


As we said previously the application can be installed on computers with Windows, Mac or Linux or on phones with Android or iOS operating system.

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