TGfeed, the feed that every Telegram user dreamed of

TGfeed, the feed that every Telegram user dreamed of

In recent years several thousands of Telegram users had suggested to the developers of the app the possibility that the messaging application would have a news feed, where you could scroll through the thousands of publications made by the channels to which you are subscribed, although there is still no official response by Durov and company, there is already an app for it and it is the one we are going to talk about today.


In the last few hours it was released on the network of networks about this new application with which you are going to be able to have a feed as you had always dreamed of, with a friendly interface that takes care of your privacy, has no ads and is 🤖 open source.


  • It can be installed as a web app on any device, no matter if it’s Android, iOS; Windows or macOS.
  • Can make folders in the feed of our preference to decide what to see first.
  • Dark/light/system mode
  • Languages: English and Russian
  • Refresh feed
  • No ads
  • Simple and easy to use UI
  • New messages are always at the top of the list
  • Disabled stories, reactions and comments
  • Read archived feeds
  • Create multiple feeds
  • No linking to folders in the application
  • No third party bots
  • Save posts to your saved messages
  • View in Telegram


To install this web app you only need to access from the browser to: and click on the install as application message. With that you have a native app to read your channels as a feed.

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