This is Bluesky, the new social network from the creator of Twitter

This is Bluesky, the new social network from the creator of Twitter

Jack Dorsey, one of the creators of Twitter who was CEO until a year before the purchase of Elon Musk, announced his new project Bluesky Social just after the acquisition by the latter mentioned. It is a microblogging application similar to the recently renamed ‘X’ and its rivals such as Mastodon or Threads that, little by little, has been making its foray into the market, especially after the major changes that have been made to its former app.

What is Bluesky?

Dorsey’s social network is a decentralized app, as is the case with Mastodon, which began to be devised in 2019, when the entrepreneur was still part of the then Twitter. It was to be a decentralized social network protocol inside the former bluebird app that is now a black X.

However, Dorsey pursued the project once he left the company he had led since 2006. The platform is very similar: it has ‘reposts’, allows to follow accounts and share what is happening through text publications or with images.

Bluesky defines itself as a platform that follows four fundamental pillars:

  • Account portability: “A person’s online identity is not owned by corporations with no accountability to their users.”
  • Algorithmic choice: “We must have control over our algorithms if we are to trust our online spaces.”
    Interoperability: “The world needs a diverse marketplace of connected services to ensure healthy competition.”
  • Performance: “We don’t consider performance optional, so we’ve made it a priority to create fast charging at scale.”

How to sign up for Bluesky.

Those who want to join Bluesky can do so by getting on the ‘Join Waitlist’ or through an invite code from someone on the inside. So, if you know someone with an account on this new social network, don’t hesitate to ask them.

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