WhatsApp announces powerful new privacy features

WhatsApp announces powerful new privacy features

WhatsApp has just officially announced new privacy features coming today to the messaging app. Privacy is something that is increasingly important to users and WhatsApp wants to position itself as a company that cares for its users and has therefore announced two new features: mute calls from strangers and quick privacy check.

WhatsApp has reported that one of its fundamental pillars is to protect the privacy of messages. To do this, they have been offering end-to-end encryption for years to make calls and messages secure, but they have also launched more features such as chat lock to protect confidential chats with a password, temporary messages that disappear or blocking screenshots for single viewing. And today they go one step further.

WhatsApp’s new privacy features

The new WhatsApp privacy features are quite interesting. On the one hand we have a call filter, to prevent strangers and advertisers from contacting us by calling us from WhatsApp. And on the other we have a feature that will help users to know all the privacy features that WhatsApp offers.

This is what the two new WhatsApp privacy features are called and this is what they will offer users:

  • Mute calls from strangers. A feature designed to provide more privacy and control over incoming calls. You will be able to automatically eliminate spam, scams and calls from unknown callers for increased protection. These calls will not ring on your phone, although they will be recorded in the call list, in case one turns out to be from someone important.
  • Quick privacy check. This feature is designed to make everyone aware of the protection options in WhatsApp. A sort of step-by-step guide through important privacy options to help you choose the right level of protection. Select “Start review” in the privacy settings to see various privacy levels that strengthen the security of your messages, calls and personal information.

Of course, when it comes to privacy, all new features are welcome. Although it is not the only novelty that the app is preparing as WhatsApp is preparing for one of the most important changes in its history, more important than using the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones.

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