Windows 12 will force you to renew much of your PC to use it optimally says Intel

Windows 12 will force you to renew much of your PC to use it optimally says Intel

As you learned in a previous post on our blog, Windows 12 is coming by 2024 and Intel itself says you’ll have to replace virtually all of your PC hardware to use it.

The company has stoked speculation about the future of Windows by suggesting that a “Windows refresh” is on the way for next year. Intel CFO David Zinser made these statements during a conversation with Citi, generating excitement in the tech community. This appears to support earlier reports that pointed to a 2024 release window for the next version of Windows, following an internal realignment of Microsoft’s development schedule.

Zinser said, “We think 2024 is going to be a pretty good year for the PC market, especially driven by Windows upgrades. Current Windows PC hardware is relatively old and will probably be upgraded a lot next year. So we are optimistic about how things will develop from 2024 onwards.”

This begs the question: are we looking at the imminent release of “Windows 12”? The term “renewal” was also used during the development of Windows 11 prior to its official unveiling in June 2021. In addition, industry-linked sources suggest that development of the next version of Windows, which has multiple codenames, has gained momentum in recent months and much of the work is expected to be complete by mid-2024.

The next version of Windows will focus on deeper integration of artificial intelligence and cloud experiences, with interface improvements and other changes aimed at increasing productivity. Importantly, according to the statements, a subscription will not be required to use the operating system. Details about the specific features of this “Windows refresh” have not yet been disclosed, but the news has generated a great deal of buzz among technology enthusiasts. As with the upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, the update would also be free for owners of a legal W11 cdkey.

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