Your Android phone will notify you when it is time to change the battery.

Your Android phone will notify you when it is time to change the battery.

Currently there are some apps that are able to estimate when to change the battery of the mobile, none of them know how to calculate the remaining capacity for sure. And this is where Android 14 testing comes in, which has been working to enable its phones to track battery status, something we’re likely to enjoy in Android 15.

Until then, an Android Authority post has confirmed that Google is rolling out a new battery information page for the Pixel 8 Pro, which you can find under the Settings > About Phone tab.

What will be able to be displayed in this area?

In this area you will be able to find out the manufacturing date and battery cycle count. In addition, details such as the date of first use, charging policy, charging status and battery health status will be displayed, the latter being particularly interesting. To get an idea, if a Pixel 8 has a capacity of 4,575 mAh and the battery health is at 90%, we would be talking about a charging capacity of 4,118 mAh, approximately.

But, what about the notification?

On the other hand, and here comes the best part, it will offer advice when the battery capacity degrades or is undetectable, thus getting the user out of having to check it on their own. However, the new battery status page is not yet available, but Android users will be able to find it very soon in the Settings app.

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